please wait here tactile device for stand in line safety | podoline© marcal
please wait here tactile device for stand in line safety | podoline© marcal

Podoline© marcal ensures the management of the waiting line thanks to the creation of a tactile confidentiality device. Installed on the ground, this privacy limit allows creating a safety distance and a zone of discretion between people in a queue and a specific service: help desk, reception, information point...

The Podoline© marcal privacy line device consists of two sets of six small bars that frame a larger central bar. Permanent information can be engraved on this central bar: arrows, pictograms and texts. The personalization of the signage information allows the Podoline© marcal product to be integrated into the environment.
Podoline© marcal finishes are in anodized micro sandblasted aluminum (MA) or in polished brass (LP) offering a color contrast with the existing floor.
The 4mm thickness of the bars allows tactile relief and the positioning of the elements is done with the help of a template. Fixing is made by chemical sealing without drilling or by mechanical fixing of stainless steel screws after drilling into the ground.

The Q-borne © marcal and Cedo © marcal signage solutions can complete the organization of traffic flow and waiting line management.

aluminum tactile confidentiality line for waiting queue management | podoline© marcal

podoline | design marcal


technical description
Tactile device of privacy line and safety limit, consisting of the following elements:
Bars in natural anodized micro sandblasted aluminum and polished brass, 4 mm thick with peripheral chamfer.
A customizable 275 x 75mm center bar flanked by twelve 25 x 75mm bars.
Fixing by chemical sealing without drilling the existing floor.
Mechanical and chemical fixing by M4 stainless steel screws after drilling the existing floor.
M4 stainless steel screws length 16 or 30 mm available in option.
Installation and placement template available in option.
Mechanical engraving of the information available optionally.
Format total: 875x75x4mm

tactile bar in aluminum for privacy line | podoline© marcal
tactile bar in polished brass for privacy line | podoline© marcal

MA | aluminium: microbillé anodisé naturel
micro-sand blasted natural anodized, micro-arenado anodizado natural,
anodizzato naturale micro-sabbiato, mikro-sandgestrahlt naturfarben
eloxiert, アルミマイクロサンド,
ألومنيوم مؤكسد طبيعي مصنفر بالحبيبات الدقيقة

LP | laiton poli miroir
mirror polished brass, latón pulido brillante,
ottone luccidato, glänzend poliert messing,
黄銅 アルミポリッシュ,
َّ نحاس ملمع

central tactile bar with custom engraving | podoline© marcal
option gravure spécifique sur demande
custom engraving option on request
aluminum confidentiality line design with engraving | podoline © marcal
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