totem sign stainless steel structure and natural anodized aluminum | amer marcal
totem sign stainless steel structure and natural anodized aluminum | amer marcal

The totems signs Amer© marcal offer outdoor signage, with a 100% stainless steel structure. These monoliths exist in several dimensions and finishes (natural anodized aluminum, brushed stainless steel or RAL thermo-lacquering to be defined).
These outdoor signage totems allow a varied typology according to the types of flow (public, private, visitor, logistics, emergencies ...) and the needs of buildings: vehicle or pedestrian totem, wayfinding post, entry identification, or building sign.
The totems are fixed by 8 stainless steel anchors in a solid concrete foundation. The dimensions of the concrete block vary according to the references of the Amer© marcal totems.

An installation template facilitates the placement.
The wall or table versions of Amer© marcal provides a complementary function according to site needs (schematic plan, accessibility, wayfinding...).
The graphic design makes it possible to define the content of the totems sign Amer© according to the graphic guide and the wishes of the contracting management.
There are many marking techniques (front / back, scalable or permanent): semi-cut vinyl, digital printing, silkscreen printing or engraving. Tactile maps with Braille writing sytem and raised letters are available as an option.

Signage totem with museum graphic design in green space | amer© marcal
Information on pedestrian totem in a high school | amer© marcal
Adhesive lettering on totem sign in hospital | amer© marcal
totem sign with schematic plan of building access on urban place in anodized aluminum finish | amer© marcal
Vehicle directional totem with arrow, text and pictogram marking | amer© marcal
totem fixed to the ground with stainless steel plate and threaded rod | amer© marcal
Identification entrance totem sign with vinyl lettering | amer© marcal
totem sign with orientation plan on urban place in anodized aluminum finish | amer marcal
stainless steel totem sign. monolith outdoor signage | amer marcal

amer | design tecton

inox | stainless steel, acero inoxidable, acciaio inox,
edelstahl, ステンレス,
فولاذ مقاوم للصدأ

technical description
The monolith is composed of the following elements:
Internal frame made of 3mm stainless steel profile, welded on 6mm stainless steel plate.
The frame covering will be made by two sheets of natural anodized aluminum of 1.5mm.
The assembly will be carried out by screwing on the edges by stainless steel screws. The side and upper edges will be closed by an 8mm aluminum anodized profile.
The screws used to fix the monolith are made of stainless steel.
The fixing to the ground will be ensured by connecting the plate by its 8 holes to 8 stainless steel anchor rods in a solid concrete foundation.


inox brossé | brushed stainless steel, acero inoxidable cepillado mate,
acciaio inox spazzolato, edelstahl gebürstet,
فولاذ مقاوم للصدأ مصقول

aluminium: anodisé naturel |natural anodized, anodizado natural,
anodizzato naturale, naturfarben eloxiertes,
ألومنيوم مؤكسد طبيعي

thermolaquage RAL sur demande
RAL powder coating on request

dimensions of the 5 outdoor stainless steel totems with marking area | amer marcal
dimensions of the 3 wall totems and outdoor map table with marking area | amer marcal
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