The presentation of our values as a ”best of ” list, offers a most welcome opportunity to remind ourselves of certain main methodical lines, which underline the diversity and the specificities of all needs to which signage must thrive to procure the best answers.

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The recent generalization of building access control has changed the function of signage radically. In the future, signage will thus be turned “inwards”. Identification of employees has become a tool of valorisation of individuals or groups; signage and orientation boards are merely an opportunity to display the business organisation.


Even if “economical movement” is not a priority for the users of museums, it is however necessary that the identification of the grounds and the objects of art is clear and precise. The multilingual public of today, with its different cultural backgrounds has complicated the editing of signage in this particular area.


Signage in this sector has to clearly express the educational purpose of the building. Furthermore it must account for all applications possible, the immediate as well as the more indefinable. It should be a system with an extremely modular capacity.


Smart signage design will never make hospital environments more agreeable or pleasing. The purpose of signage here, is to ease orientation among users and employees. This issue is closely linked to precision, to clarity and to the continuity of the information given. The health sector is without a doubt one of the most complex area in signage development, which is why thoroughness in preliminary studies is primordial.


As the users of this sector are most commonly called as opposed to invited, the signage here should help citizens shorten their stay. Signage should serve as a linkage, clear and precise, between a complex organisation and a demanding individual.



The hotel customer has simple needs; how to find the front desk, his room and finally to work the different devices in the room.
Furthermore, signage should visualise and valorise the adjoining services of the particular location.


The writing is omnipresent in this area and signage constitutes yet another “reading matter”. Signage finest call here is to clarify the organisation and classification of the book collections. In addition to this, there is bound to be an abundance of information, such as users guides, linked to all the technical equipment in a modern library (photocopying machines, multimedia etc.).


Defining the outlines of a property, illustrating entrances, stating purposes of an area, those are the major functional components of property signage. The conception of this particular signage system must always be based on - and preserve the integrity of the environment in which it is placed.

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