Understanding the architectural space is a fundamental issue for the development of signage solutions adapted to the nature of each place.

A signage information system must have characteristics that go beyond the visually perceptible and specific to the supports.
It is an obligation for marcal to exceed the basic signage functions which consist of informing, guiding and identifying.

signage programming on plans. Design and study of wayfinding projects
signage programming on plans. Design and study of wayfinding projects

A marcal signage project must also provide the necessary tools to understand a space before knowing it. It should give you the peace of mind of moving through a foreign environment without worrying about doing it. In short, it must provide certainties and confirmations at each stage of the journey where the achievement of the final objective is the success of the complete system.
A project of marcal signage should also as a last obligation, to be able to intuitively express the culture and philosophy of the place.


This way of conceiving signage projects has characterized marcal long before the word “wayfinding” was used universally as a conceptual synonym for signage orientation.
The wayfinding has been always for marcal the design of the experience of being guided in a given environment, where the physical, social and cultural differences of the people ( see full access ) finally configure the information system of signs and supports.


To achieve this objective, marcal has strictly based its work on a study methodology that allows it to know exactly the scale that a signage project represents, from the beginning and long before content management and design.


With a deep knowledge in the different areas of architecture (theaters, museums, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, clinics, geriatric residences, public offices, libraries, hotels, offices and company headquarters) and the experience of more than 30 years in the implementation of signage, the marcal methodology allows to assist owners, architects and designers in the process of developing a global signage project from a series of well defined steps.

Flow analysis. Signage study of horizontal and vertical circulations.

Study of the circulations on the architectural plans. Identification of natural routes and those conditioned by the use of the enclosure.

Programming. Implementation of signage on plans. Typology and functions.

Definition of the typological functions of each space and the implementation on plans.

Preconized supports. Prescription of products of the signage project.

Determination of the allocated supports for each type and recommended products.

Mock-Up. Layout of graphic design and visual content of the signage project

Generic graphic design for the different typologies and products affected.

Documentation Dossier of the signage project: Description and quantitative list of typologies

Signage programming report: Typological and quantitative summary. Product’s description for prescription specifications

Budget. Complete budget for a signage project

Total estimated cost of all project elements.


Following this initial study and signage consulting expertise, marcal can then assume operational responsibility for the signage project, through three stages of the execution process.

Information management. Definition of the content and graphic design of the signage project.

Final drafting of work measurements and specifications.
Definition of the exact content for each signage product.
Creation of the graphic design of the content for each signage product.
Files for final validation of proofs.

Production. Manufacturing, printing and marking of the signage project.

Realization and manufacture of signage supports.
Marking and printing according to the design of each signage support.
(silkscreen printing, digital printing, vinyl cutting, engraving, embossing, laser cutting, braille writing and raised characters)

Installation. Placement of the signage project.

Placement and assembly of supports according to signage programming Monitoring of works and maintenance.

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