Protecting the environment and passing on a healthy planet to future generations is everyone's business. In 2015, the French law related to the energy transition and ecological development highlighted this, underlining the need to evolve towards more responsible production and consumption models. A company committed to citizenship, marcal sign system chose to adhere to the concept of circular economy through a global approach to reduce the ecological footprint, baptized as «One Circle».

logo vert One circle de marcal signalétique pour l’engagement vers une économie circulaire
eco-design signage, durable, recyclable | ONE CIRCLE
eco-design signage, durable, recyclable | ONE CIRCLE

The "One Circle" approach is an integrated management framework developed exclusively by marcal sign system and aimed at considering environmental concerns during all stages and phases of its activity. This approach is part of a desire to establish high-performance environmental standards in the signage industry, based on continuous improvement of processes. Through "One Circle", marcal sign system is committed to being an actor in the energy transition and to offering products that respond to the environmental challenges of our time.


«One Circle»: A tool in the transition to a circular economy

According to article 70 of the law of August 17, 2015 regarding the energy transition for ecological development, the “transition towards a circular economy goes beyond the linear economic model based on extracting, manufacturing, consuming and disposing of. A sober and responsible consumption of natural resources and raw materials is also required. Likewise, the order of priorities, in the prevention of waste production through reuse and monitoring in the way of waste treatment, in reuse, in recycling, or failing that, in selective classification of waste.

That is why marcal sign system has been equipped with an innovative integrated management framework to orient itself towards an economic model based on the circular economy. This management framework responds to three strategic objectives:

Develop durability of products to combat obsolescence

Fighting against obsolescence is a priority to establish more responsible modes of production and consumption. In this sense, marcal sign system works incessantly to improve the useful life of its products, giving priority to eco-design products and using high-quality materials.
Also, the availability of a wide range of spare parts guarantees the longevity of the product. This commitment to durability allows marcal signage to offer a complete replacement of parts, extending the useful life of its products between 10 and 20 years. On the other hand, being able to update and change the information displayed by the user, favors renewal without structural changes.

Reduce the ecological footprint of products throughout their life cycle

In order to minimize the ecological footprint of its activity, marcal sign system pays particular attention to the choice of materials that make up its products. Low polluting, 100% recyclable and / or infinitely recyclable are the materials chosen with priority, such as stainless steel, aluminum, tempered glass or wood.

Regarding the selective separation of waste - office paper, cardboard, ink cartridges, batteries, plastics, metallic materials, polyethylene (PE) films marcal sign system has chosen a local solution by becoming a member of BIOTOP (adherent to the 1% FOR THE PLANET), an eco-network of companies that provide a logistical and regulatory response to communities and individuals in terms of recycling.

products marcal© 100% recyclable
infinitely recyclable marcal© products
products marcal© life cycle between 10 - 20 years

Privilege eco-responsible production methods

-In the work environment: LED lighting, commitment to energy saving measures, preference for hybrid or electric energy for travel, optimization of the heating system to reduce consumption.

-Ecolabel: Replacement in the use of chemical products with safety labels by other non-toxic or biodegradable materials with an "Ecolabel" label.

-100% "green" electricity with a guarantee of renewable sources. Control of building consumption through technical solutions and reasonable use.

logo vert One circle de marcal signalétique pour l’engagement vers une économie circulaire
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