deluxe free-standing totem made in tempered glass and aluminum base | île© marcal
deluxe free-standing totem made in tempered glass and aluminum base | île© marcal

The Île© marcal totems sign offer free-standing supports for information areas. The base made in thermo lacquered anodized aluminum maintains a tempered glass volume as a surface for graphic design. The thicknesses of the glasses vary according to the use of the signage of the totems: 6, 12, 15 or 19mm.
There are numerous formats to adapt signage to the architecture of buildings and outdoor spaces.

The implantation of Île© marcal free-standing totems, allows free positioning in space, disconnected from the walls. The possible typologies are numerous: documentation display, reception area and front desk, hall general index, directional signpost, exterior signs, vehicular or pedestrian flow signage.

Marking of the graphic design is possible on front and back with vinyl cutting, micro-perforated window vinyl, frosted etched glass vinyl, digital printing or silkscreen printing. Schematic tactile plans with braille and raised writing are available as an option.

The Île© marcal totems can be combined with other marcal signage products (Skwizmi©, Paris©, Pile ou face©, Littera©, Lettre©…) in order to create zones of evolutionary content. Some totem references (Île 215 S, Île 236 S…) must be mechanically anchored to the ground. For outdoor use, Île© marcal base (ballast) can be machined for installation on a concrete foundation. A structural study (wind load) is recommended depending on the area (region) and the category of the terrain (Eurocode).

identification building sign totem made in tempered glass | île© marcal
general index made by a free-standing totem in tempered glass and aluminum ballast | île© marcal
marking film over tempered glass monolith | île© marcal
Directional signpost made with tempered glass totem in front of concrete wall | île© marcal
free-standing totems for temporary exhibition | île© marcal
exterior way finding monolith for building access made of tempered glass | île© marcal
Local floor index with directional information on totemic supports | île© marcal
Graphic design of signage marked on totem in tempered glass | île© marcal
free-standing signage totems, made of tempered glass and aluminum | île© marcal

île | design marcal

aluminium | アルミ

verre trempé | tempered glass, vidrio templado, vetro temperato,
gehärtetem glas, 強化ガラス,
زجاج صلب

technical description
The totem is composed by the following elements:
A 12mm tempered glass volume, with polished and chamfered edges.
This glass volume is supported on an aluminum support defined as follows: two 250x150mm anodized aluminum profiles support the tempered glass volume. The thick profiles (22kg per linear meter) are thermo-lacquered in satin gray RAL 9006. The assembly of the tempered glass volume and the aluminum profiles is secured by 4 sets of CHC stainless steel screws.
The product is a free-standing totem. Optionally, it is possible to fix it to the ground by connecting the profiles with 12 holes to 12 stainless steel anchor rods on a solid concrete foundation.

tempered glass with rounded corners, polished and chamfered edges | île© marcal
aluminum base for fixing tempered glass with stainless steel CHC screw | île© marcal
aluminum totem base to keep in place tempered glass | île© marcal
detail totem wheel of free-standing indoor display
sizes and dimensions of free-standing signage totems made in tempered glass and aluminum | île© marcal
formats and sizes of free-standing signage totems made in tempered glass and aluminum | île© marcal
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