solar panel of signage monolith, autonomous and free-standing | pharos© marcal
solar panel of signage monolith, autonomous and free-standing | pharos© marcal

Pharos© marcal is a range of photovoltaic signs engaged to the energy transition. Pharos© marcal totems offer outdoor products with light, energy autonomous and easy to install.

The faces of the totems are made of tempered black lacquered glass, framed by two black anodized aluminum profiles and with the option of wood cladding. The internal structure is made of stainless steel. The sides and the top of the totem are equipped with solar panels and an internal system that allows managing energy autonomy, lighting configuration and data export. The lighting is indirect by a spotlight embedded in the concrete ballast that works as a free-standing base (Pharos 820). Optionally, backlight can be installed on the upper part of the totem.

Photovoltaic panels are part of the totem's architectural design, transforming sunlight into electricity. The energy accumulated during the day is stored thanks to the battery, which turns the monolith into an autonomous energy unit from the electricity net.

Power consumption can be optimized by setting the time interval, lighting duration, automatic night detection and algorithmic functions to optimize the life of the equipment.

The place of implantation of the Pharos© marcal totems is free from the limitations of installation work thanks to its free-standing concrete base (Pharos 820). The needs for connection to the electricity grid do not exist because Pharos© marcal works in complete energy autonomy.

Therefore, a saving in works, installation and assembly has been achieved. Pharos© marcal consumes energy in the same place that produces it. The eco-conception has led to the use of high-end, recyclable and durable materials. Pharos© marcal totems are also available in a non-light version.

The use of tempered glass allows easily the marking of the sign information and guarantees its durability outdoors.

exterior free-standing totem with LED light for public places | pharos© marcal
solar totem for location sign with indirect lightning | pharos© marcal
autonomous and free-standing signage totem with built-in light to use in parks and green areas | pharos© marcal
autonomous and photovoltaic outdoor totem for wayfinding in public environment | pharos© marcal
totem with LED light without wiring or installation necessary, free-standing and solar | pharos© marcal
free-standing solar totem with LED light, made of tempered glass, eco wood and concrete baset | pharos© marcal

pharos | balise photovoltaïque autonome

aluminium | アルミ

verre trempé noir | black tempered glass, vidrio templado negro,
vetro nero temperato, schwarz gehärtetem glas,
زجاج صلب أسودز

technical description
The photovoltaic totem is made up of the following elements:
The interior structure is made of 4mm stainless steel brackets and a 6mm stainless steel plate.
The peripheral frames are made of 6mm black anodized aluminum profiles and two volumes of 8mm thick black lacquered tempered glass are inserted inside.
The sides and the top of the totem receive monocrystalline photovoltaic panels in tempered glass on a black background.
An LED system provides indirect illumination of the totem from the base, or optionally, a backlight of a 500 x 500mm area at the upper side of the totem.
Aluminum profiles receive a class IV wood cladding.
The screws used to fix the monolith are stainless steel.

The fixing to the ground will be done by connecting the stainless steel plate through its 8 holes to 8 stainless steel anchors within a solid foundation concrete block or connecting it to the free-standing base (Pharos820).

The Pharos820 free-standing base is made up as follows:
A circular piece of white molded concrete, with a peripheral design slightly rounded at an angle of 5º to the vertical.
A 50mm diameter central hole allows electrical cables to pass between the spot and the solar system.
A 75mm diameter hole positioned 110mm from the edge offers a reserve for a recessed LED spotlight.
8 inserts for M12 stainless steel anchor rods for connection to the Pharos820A and Pharos820PV totems.
Weight 200 kg.

autonomous self-supporting photovoltaic totem with LED lighting | pharos© marcal

panneau photovoltaïque sur verre trempé,
solar panel (PV) on tempered glass,
panel fotovoltaico sobre vidrio templado, pannello fotovoltaico su vetro temperato, photovoltaik-panel auf gehärtetem glas,
لوحة فولطية ضوئية على زجاج صلب

aluminium: anodisé noir
black anodized, anodizado negro, anodizzato nero, eloxiert schwarz,
ألومنيوم مؤكسد اسود

bois classe 4
class 4 wood, madera clase 4, legno di classe 4, typ 4 holz,
خشب صلب مخروط

ballast de béton
concrete ballast, base contrapeso de hormigón, base di cemento, betonballast,
كتلة خرسانية

photovoltaic solar panel in black tempered glass and class 4 wood profile | pharos© marcal
signage totems with solar panels and LED lighting, concrete base in option | pharos© marcal
luminous and autonomous totems that favor the energy transition | pharos© marcal
autonomous photovoltaic monoliths for outdoor signage | pharos© marcal
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