high-end wall-mounted signage made of polish aluminum and tempered glass | pile-ou-face© marcal
high-end wall-mounted signage made of polish aluminum and tempered glass | pile-ou-face© marcal

Pile-ou-face© marcal is a range of interior signage products for all types of buildings that need an organization of circulation flows: buildings for public use, administrative services, offices, health, culture, etc...

The concept of the range is articulated around aluminum profiles with its 8mm thick tempered glass front face and its only aluminum counterpart. These glass signage plates are referred to as "PIL" where tempered glass slides sideways to make information content accessible to the user.. Aluminum front face signage mounts are referenced as "FACE" and offer a permanent content surface. The assembly and the perfect connection between both types of profile «PILE» and «FACE» allow to create composite typologies adapted to the information to be communicated: structural part and functional part.

The finishes of the aluminum profiles are micro-sandblasted natural anodized or polished aluminum. The Pile-ou-face© marcal signage range is made up of numerous formats, with two heights of aluminum profile to handle a wide variety of signage projects. The finishes of the aluminum profiles are micro-sandblasted natural anodized or polished aluminum. The type 100 profile (references «PIL» and «FACE») have a height of 70mm and solve the types of door plates, pictograms, rooms plates, offices and toilets. The type 200 profile (references «PIL» and «FACE») have a height of 210mm and fulfill the functions of directional signpost, elavator and stairs directory, and hall directory.
Freestanding typologies, display signs, desk sign, toilets pictogram, stair pictogram and elevator pictogram complete the Pile-ou-face© marcal range.

The graphic design that personalizes the signage results in numerous types of marking applications: printing on polyester film, digital printing, silk-screen printing, CAD vinyl cutting, mechanical or laser engraving.
Pile-ou-face© marcal signage products are compatible with the full access© marcal system for tactile signs with raised pictograms and Braille writing, to meet the accessibility needs of signage projects.

insert sign system made of aluminum and tempered glass for hospital and healthcare environment | pile-ou-face© marcal
wayfinding signage for structural and evolutionary information | pile-ou-face© marcal
roomplate and consulting room for clinic and medical center | pile-ou-face© marcal
wall-mounted sign post with tactile and Braille writing, for DDA and ADA compliant signs| pile-ou-face© marcal
sleek desk sign for front desk and open space offices | pile-ou-face© marcal
high-end signage with snap-in design for directories made of natural anodized aluminum | pile-ou-face© marcal
door sign profile made of aluminum and tempered glass | pile-ou-face© marcal

pile ou face | design jean christophe bollache

aluminium | アルミ

verre trempé | tempered glass, vidrio templado, vetro temperato, gehärtetem glas, 強化ガラス,
زجاج صلب

<> PMMA | アクリル
زجاج عضوي, صفائح الأكريليك

technical description
The product is made up of the following elements:
A sectioned 3mm thick aluminum extrusion profile. The profile has two 45º returns that allow to move an 8mm thick tempered glass. its longest (horizontal) sides are cut at 45º.
The vertical edges of the tempered glass are chamfered and polished. The locking of the tempered glass inside the aluminum profile is ensured by a stainless steel HC screw with a diameter of less than 2mm.
The signage information is reproduced on polyester film by laser printing or inkjet The aluminum profile is polished or natural anodized micro-sandblasting.
The final finish is carried out after the profile is cut so that the edges have an identical treatment to the visible face.
The fixing of the product is ensured by structural adhesive or non-visible screwed (milled holes in the body of the profile)

captive screw for sign plate profile | pile-ou-face © marcal
design of a signage profile in tempered glass and aluminum, viewed from the side | pile-ou-face© marcal
updating information on a signage plate | pile-ou-face © marcal
opening with an Allen key of a sign | pile-ou-face © marcal


A | aluminium: microbillé anodisé naturel
micro-sand blasted natural anodized, micro-arenado anodizado natural,
anodizzato naturale micro-sabbiato,
mikro-sandgestrahlt naturfarben eloxiert,
ألومنيوم مؤكسد طبيعي مصنفر بالحبيبات الدقيقة

B | aluminium: poli miroir,
mirror polished, pulido brillante, lucidato, glänzend poliert,
ألومنيوم ملمع

natural anodized micro-sandblasted aluminum finish and tempered glass | pile-ou-face© marcal
mirror polished aluminum finish and tempered glass | pile-ou-face © marcal
insert sign system with upgradeable and evolutionary design | pile-ou-face© marcal
tactile sign with raised pictogram and braille writing| pile-ou-face © marcal
full access pictograms with raised braille for blind people and visually impaired | pile-ou-face © marcal
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