surface tactile tile indicator to inform the presence of a danger | podoalerte© marcal
surface tactile tile indicator to inform the presence of a danger | podoalerte© marcal

Podoalerte© marcal offers tactile tiles indicators for creating warning zones for blind people or visually impaired.
The tactile surface tiles are manufactured according to the NF P98-351 standard of August 2010, in injection of PP + EPDM.
These tactile warning zones are materialized by the sum of unit tiles 450 x 412.5mm that are aligned in order to maintain a distance of 75mm between the tactile buttons of the same line.

An embossed marcal logotype ensures the correct placement. The installation on the floor is made using contact adhesive and the visual contrast with the existing floor will depend on the choice of color for the podotactile plates.

The three available finishing colors are dark gray (+/- RAL 7015), light gray (+/- RAL 7035) and yellow (+/- RAL 1018).

This full access© marcal accessibility signage responds to a legislative obligation: to identify a tactile warning area on stairs at a distance of 50cm from the first step by an indicator of visual and tactile contrast.

Podoalerte© marcal signage solutions can be combined with contrasting risers (Volea©), tactile devices on handrails (Pasamano©), and floor numbers and pictograms (Littera©) in order to guarantee safety and accessibility for blind people in the vertical circulation of buildings.

tactile warning area formed by surface tiles indicators on existing ground near stairs | podoalerte© marcal
tactile area of adhesive tiles on interior existing floor | podoalerte© marcal
Detection of surface tactile tiles with a cane for the blind people | podoalerte © marcal
contrasting tactile zone on concrete stairs made of tactile tiles indicators | podoalerte © marcal
surface tactile tile indicator for creating alert and safe zones for blind people | podoalerte© marcal

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PP : polypropylène | ポリプロピレン
زجاج صلب ألومنيوم

technical description
The detectable flooring system is composed of the following elements The tiles are made of PP + EDPM injection.
The 2mm thick base has rounded corners.
The height of the buttons is 4mm and they have a wear indicator inside. The tactile tile features 11 rows of 6 buttons, a total of 66 buttons per tile.
The detectable warning areas (BEV) are made up of various 450x412.5mm format tactile tiles.
The product complies with the NF P98-351 standard of August 2010.
An embossed marcal logotype ensures the correct mounting of placement. (see Podoalerte methodology).
The podotactile tiles are juxtaposed so that 75mm are kept between two buttons on the same line.
The visual contrast with the floor is guaranteed by the choice of color.
Finishes: dark gray (+/- RAL 7015), light gray (+/- RAL 7035) and yellow (+/- RAL 1018).
Fixing to the ground by contact adhesive.
Format: length 450mm x width 412.5mm x thickness 6mm.

surface tactile tile indicator 450 x 412,5mm NF P98-351 | podoalerte© marcal
detectable warning system installation mode | podoalerte© marcal
tactile surface on stairs | podoalerte© marcal
yellow ral 1018 tactile tile, BEV NF P98-351 | podoalerte© marcal
gray ral 7035, detectable flooring system BEV NF P98-351 podotactile tile | podoalerte© marcal
gray ral 7015, BEV NF P98-351 tactile tile indicator | podoalerte© marcal
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