emergency sign extinguisher pictogram made of polished brass and photoluminescent silkscreen printing | riviera© marcal
emergency sign extinguisher pictogram made of polished brass and photoluminescent silkscreen printing | riviera© marcal

Riviera© marcal is a range of fire safety signage in photoluminescent polished brass, adapted to the interior of buildings. The Riviera © marcal safety range offers signage supports designed in polished brass and tempered glass for the insertion of evacuation plans and safety instructions. This fire safety information can be updated by the user in a very simple way. The information is printed on matte white paper or on a photoluminescent vinyl and polyester set.
The Riviera © marcal signage range is completed with polished brass pictograms with red and white photoluminescent silkscreen printing. The designs and texts of the pictograms are customized to comply with the rules and regulations of the different types of buildings and their locations.
The photoluminescence of the fire emergency plans and pictograms prolongs the message signaling function for several hours after a lighting failure in the building.
The types of fire safety signs are numerous: general intervention plan, intervention plan, evacuation plan, security plan in the rooms and general instructions in case of fire. The fire safety pictograms fulfill the function of identifying fire fighting equipment: fire extinguisher, fire hose, alarm button, fire door...
The graphic design of the safety plans is created from numerous elements: architectural plan of all levels of the building, evacuation routes, positioning of the fire-fighting elements, identification of risky rooms, adress...The installation of the Riviera© marcal fire safety signage is done using structural adhesive and / or mechanical fixing.
To create a complete fire safety project, Riviera© marcal can be combined with complementary signage designed in brass (Cedo ©, Littera ©, Volea ©) or with specific fire safety signage (Consign ©, Kourouma ©, Picto ©, and Sécurité ©)

safety signage: evacuation and safety instructions made of polished brass | riviera© marcal
fire fighting photoluminescent extinguisher pictogram in polished brass | riviera© marcal
photoluminescent sign glowing in the dark. Extinguisher pictogram | riviera© marcal
photoluminescent sign of Polished brass fire extinguisher pictogram | riviera© marcal

riviera | design marcal

laiton poli miroir
mirror polished brass, latón pulido brillante,
ottone luccidato, glänzend poliert messing,
黄銅 アルミポリッシュ,
نحاس مل َّم

technical description
The fire safety sign is made up of the following elements:
A 120mm square side plate with rounded corners, made of 3mm thick polished brass, lightly brushed, machined cut and with a slight chamfered edges.
A white photoluminescent silkscreen print represents the pictogram.
A red silkscreen draws the graphic lines that frame it.
The support is fixed to the wall by structural adhesive.
Optionally, a 2mm PVC standoff allows the product to be wall-mounted mechanically.

Format: length 120mm x height 120mm x thickness 3mm

chamfered edge of brass safety sign| riviera© marcal
formats and sizes of brass emergency pictograms and brass evacuation plan supports | riviera © marcal
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