tactile and sound wayfinding panel, with raised texts and braille writing | vak© marcal
tactile and sound wayfinding panel, with raised texts and braille writing | vak© marcal

Vak© marcal offers a 100% accessibility-oriented signage with the aim of guiding and orienting all audiences.
The Visual - Auditory - Kinesthetic Vak© marcal system is used in three different forms of signage furniture and has three adapted solutions: writing with raised characters, transcription in Braille and the diffusion of messages with sound.
Vak© marcal signage products are made of natural anodized aluminum and RAL powder coated in order to guarantee high quality and long product life.

The conception of the panel guarantees total accessibility: height of the information and passage adapted to wheelchairs, format and dimensioning of the contents prioritizing a tactile reading, inclination of the easy plane for greater reading comfort, color contrasts and use of pictograms.

The Vak© marcal touch and sound panel consists of an area dedicated to a raised wayfinding map for haptic reading and an area reserved for programmable sound message activation buttons. The map and its legend benefit from a Braille transcription. The tactile map is made up of a plate in natural anodized aluminum that receives different layers in high relief and low relief. There is a color option to rank the information.

The schematic elements that primarily appear on the orientation panel are the flow of external and internal circulation, accessibility routes and itineraries, access to the building entrances and important points: reception, information, toilets, elevators, stairs, and common services.

The tactile wayfinding panel is intended for indoor use as it requires an electrical supply. Optionally, a version of an exterior tactile orientation panel can be made without sound.

Vak© marcal is also available as a free-standing totem or wall-mounted version and allows raised text and Braille transcription to be used for encoding permanent structural information, along with a more detailed printed paper legend for functional evolutionary information.

The ranges of detectable guidance products Podoinox©, Podotone©, Cedo© and tactile devices can complete the signage project of accessible ways and paths.

free-standing singpost, with tactile braille, raised text and sound | vak© marcal
orientation panel with wayfinding tactile map and sound, for entrance hall and reception areas | vak© marcal
tactile, auditory and kinesthetic information signage totem | vak© marcal
tactile and sound panel for wayfinding and accessible information | vak© marcal

VAK | système_Visuel_Auditif_Kinesthésique

aluminium + PMMA
アルミ + アクリル
ألومنيوم + زجاج عضوي, صفائح الأكريليك

technologie interne ESIUM

technical description
The product is made up of the following elements:
A machined base made of in 8mm aluminum and powder coated in silver-gray RAL 9006.
A 4mm aluminum profile welded structure is made up of uprights and a crossbar.
Two 8mm aluminum plates ensure the connection of the base and the structure.
Link© type profiles in 2,5mm natural anodized aluminum cover the finish of the uprights.
The upper plate of the wayfinding panel is made of 8mm aluminum and powder coated in silver-gray RAL 9006.
Two reserves are machined on the panel to recive the map and the legend. The map and legend are made of natural anodized aluminum.
The panel plate and the crossbars are fixed at six points by a connecting screw with nut.
The information is available in raised material, with Braille transcription and recorded audio message with an activation button.
The Vak panel is free-standing and requires an electrical connection for the sound part.

Legend dimension: 210mm x 222mm
Tactile map dimension: 650mm x 280mm
Total format: length 980mm x height 900mm x depth 400mm

free-standing sound totem with tactile braille| vak© marcal
signage with raised text, sound and tactile braille | vak© marcal
wayfinding panel with raised legends and sound information | vak© marcal
signage with sound information and braille| vak© marcal
visual, auditory and kinesthetic system of total accessible signage | vak© marcal
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