door signage plate for information change with anodized aluminum profile and methacrylate | skwizmi© marcal
door signage plate for information change with anodized aluminum profile and methacrylate | skwizmi© marcal

Skwizmi© marcal is a smart architectural signage range designed to equip the interior of buildings.
The conception of Skwizmi© marcal signage supports responds to the assembly of a natural anodized aluminum profile and a PMMA (methyl polymethacrylate) plate. The sign information is materialized by printing the graphic design of the content on a polyester paper that is inserted into the support. Updating the information is done simply by the user thanks to an Allen key that allows the front face to be opened. The products are installed by mechanical fixing or by structural adhesive.
Skwizmi© marcal document holders and wall signage supports, are made up of three profile heights in natural anodized aluminum.
The references ski100 (ski 102 to ski 106) offer a height of 75mm and incorporate a paper clamp system (clip) that allows you to retain a document with temporary information under the sign, creating a versatile, modular and practical system: schedules, services provided, planning of room reservations, usage rules, etc...
Fluorescent color methacrylates (fluo) are optionally available to use the color and light intensity of the edges to highlight elements of the signage project.
The front faces can also be made of natural anodized aluminum when the lettering is permanent.


Thermoformed "U" acrylic displays for additional information are also available to fit on the bottom of the ski100 profiles. The signage formats of these accessories are: A5, A4, A3, A2 in portrait and landscape versions. These supports allow an easy opening for information change or can be optionally locked by two optional HC screws.

The ski300 references (ski302 à ski306) have an aluminum profile height of 105mm and are also compatible with front faces made of fluorescent methacrylate and anodized aluminum.

The references ski200 (ski203 à ski206) have a height of 216mm and incorporate A4 formats (reference ski 205).
Skwizmi© marcal references can be combined with each other to configure vertical or horizontal compositions.

Skwizmi© marcal signage products are conceived and used in architectural signage, interior design, workspace design, decoration or office furniture design projects. The typologies are diverse: pictograms, office door plates, technical rooms, meeting rooms, number of hotel rooms, directional signs, elevator directories, stair directories, entrance directories, information signs, tabletop displays, free-standing supports, cables suspended signage, fire evacuation plans and regulations for use.

Braille writing and tactile raised characters allow full access© signage in a regulatory environment tailored to architectural accessibility.

The personalized study of the projects allows obtaining exclusive finishes (anodizing coloration, lacquered according to the RAL range) in order to respond to the specific demands of the project management or construction management.

Skwizmi© marcal is a way-finding product aimed at the energy transition due to its adherence to the circular economy. The materials are durable and favor a long product life of more than 25 years and delay the reuse or recycling phases of the components.

Skwizmi© marcal design products can be complemented by the Île ©, Littera © and Sécurité © ranges.

door signage with white graphic design on blue background | skwizmi© marcal
lock screw detail for anodized aluminum and acrylic signage plate | skwizmi© marcal
graphic design of identification door signs with name and numbering | skwizmi© marcal
Graphic design of signage for offices, on black anodized sign | skwizmi© marcal
male and female raised pictogram of toilets with tactile braille writing | skwizmi© marcal
design suspended signage in natural anodized aluminum and black vinyl marking | skwizmi© marcal
directional signage with possibility of content and graphic design change | skwizmi© marcal
Floor directory and architectural graphic design | skwizmi© marcal
plant room sign with fluo methacrylate design | skwizmi© marcal
office door signage plate design with numbering | skwizmi© marcal
accessibility signage with raised numbering for visually impaired and blind people | skwizmi© marcal
signage in cultural and museum space | skwizmi© marcal
design door signage plate in aluminum and PMMA | skwizmi© marcal

skwizmi | design pippo lionni

aluminium + PMMA
アルミ + アクリル
ألومنيوم + زجاج عضوي, صفائح الأكريليك

technical description
The product is made up of the following elements:
Two 2,5mm thick extruded aluminum profiles cut by section.
These two profiles become mutually supportive when the front profile slides on the rear profile. Assembled, they form a hinge that acts as a paper gripper powered by the blade spring inserted between both profiles. The front profile has two returns that allow sliding a PMMA (methyl polymethacrylate) plate. The upper and lower edges of this plate remain embraced by the returns of the aluminum profile and form a flat surface that constitutes the face of the product, in which the signage and graphic design printed on matte white paper are inserted.
The locking of the PMMA sheet inside the profile is ensured by HC stainless steel captive screws within the thickness of the profile.
A non-visible stainless steel HC screw blocks the sliding of the front profile on the rear profile, blocking the two profiles in position.
The clamp formed by the product allows, with a light pressure on the upper part, to slide any type of document in the lower part.
The profile finish is in natural anodized aluminum.
The sign product is wall-mounted mechanically by two screws (without removing the profiles) or by structural adhesive.
The fixing system is hidden.

signage to display and hold messages and information | skwizmi© marcal
fluorescent design door signage plate | skwizmi© marcal
orange fluo office signage plate | skwizmi© marcal
red fluorescent methacrylate for design signage | skwizmi© marcal
signage clip for temporary information | skwizmi© marcal
stainless steel braille transcription on methacrylate plate | skwizmi© marcal
clamp signage system for temporary information | skwizmi© marcal
acrylic paper folder for signage system clip| skwizmi© marcal

aluminium : anodisé naturel | natural anodized, anodizado natural,
anodizzato naturale, naturfarben eloxiertes,
ألومنيوم مؤكسد طبيعي

thermolaquage RAL sur demande
RAL powder coating on request

PMMA | méthacrylate transparent,
transparent acrylic, metacrilato transparente, klares acryl,
زجاج عضوي, صفائح الأكريليك

couleurs fluo sur demande
fluorescent color on request

formats and sizes of supports for graphic design of signage | skwizmi © marcal
formats and sizes of document holder for graphic design of signage | skwizmi © marcal
formats and sizes of free-standing, display and suspended supports for graphic design of signage skwizmi © marcal
raised pictogram with tactile braille for DDA compliant | skwizmi © marcal
raised pictograms for visually impaired and blind people | skwizmi © marcal
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