fabricated letter in 8mm anodized micro-sandblasted aluminum | lettre© marcal
fabricated letter in 8mm anodized micro-sandblasted aluminum | lettre© marcal

Lettre© marcal allows custom signage using individual characters. Graphic design can be freely expressed and allows defining the typefaces, logos, texts or pictograms that must be produced according to the visual identity guidelines of the client and the project.

From vectorized digital files, the characters can be cut in brushed stainless steel, mirror polished brass, natural aluminum or in different anodized finish.

The height of the characters is between 50mm and 1500mm. Of various thicknesses (2, 3, 8mm ...) and in various materials they allow volume and relief effects for various applications.


The finishes are brushed, micro-sandblasted, natural anodized or bronze anodized and the possibility of painting by thermo-lacquering according to the RAL color chart. Lettre© marcal marcal is fixed by structural adhesive or by mechanical fixing by welded bushings on the back of the letters, which receive an M4 stainless steel threaded rod.
An installation template allows the correct placement and alignment of the set of the individual elements.

The types of signage are numerous: corporate signs, brand identity signs letters on the wall, entrance or reception identification, orientation of the public in large spaces, name of conference room, meeting room, office or room number.

cut-out number signage in natural anodized aluminum on concrete wall | lettre© marcal
wall signage with cut bronze characters and pictograms | lettre© marcal
signage composed of letters and pictograms cut in aluminum with fixing screw standoff | lettre© marcal
room number made of brushed stainless steel | lettre© marcal
exterior fabricated letter brand sign with aluminum volume letters | lettre© marcal
signage elements cut in stainless steel and painted aluminum | lettre© marcal
male and female toilet pictograms in volume, laser cut and painted | lettre© marcal
cut and lacquered hanging sign for sign identification | lettre© marcal
height range of individual letters cut out for signage | lettre© marcal

lettre | design marcal

inox | stainless steel, acero inoxidable, acciaio inox, edelstahl,
فولاذ مقاوم للصدأ

aluminium | aluminum, aluminio, alluminio, aluminium,

laiton | brass, latón, ottone, messing,
َّ نحاس ملمع

technical description
The support is made up of the following elements:
The characters, logotypes, symbols and pictograms are cut and made by mechanical or laser cutting, obtaining polished and clean edges.
The fixing of the supports is carried out by structural adhesive of the VHB type or equivalent.
Mechanical fixing (optional) is done using welded standoffs on the back of characters that receive an M4 threaded rod.
Optionally, the piece is painted by thermo-lacquering according to the RAL color chart.

signage cut from brushed stainless steel thickness 2mm| lettre© marcal
signage cut from natural anodized aluminum thickness 3 mm | lettre© marcal
signage cut from natural anodized micro-sandblasted aluminum 8 mm | lettre© marcal
signage cut from natural anodized brushed aluminum 8mm| lettre© marcal
signage cut from bronze anodized aluminum 3mm | lettre© marcal
signage cut from polished brass 2mm | lettre© marcal


A | inox brossé | 2 mm
brushed stainless steel, acero inoxidable cepillado mate, acciaio inox
spazzolato, edelstahl gebürstet,ブラシをかけられたステンレス鋼,
فولاذ مقاوم للصدأ مصقول

B | aluminium: anodisé naturel | 3 mm
natural anodized, anodizado natural, anodizzato naturale, naturfarben
eloxiertes, アルミナチュラル,
ألومنيوم مؤكسد طبيعي

C | aluminium: microbillé anodisé naturel | 8 mm
micro-sand blasted natural anodized, micro-arenado anodizado natural,
anodizzato naturale micro-sabbiato, mikro-sandgestrahlt naturfarben
eloxiert, アルミマイクロサンド,
ألومنيوم مؤكسد طبيعي مصنفر بالحبيبات الدقيقة

D | aluminium: anodisé brossé | 8 mm
brushed anodized, anodizado cepillado, anodizzato spazzolato,
gebürstet eloxiert, ブラシをかけられた陽極酸化されたアルミニウム,
ألومنيوم مصقول

E | aluminium: anodisé bronze | 3 mm
bronze anodized, anodizado bronce, anodizzato bronzo,
bronze eloxiertes, 青銅アルマイト,
ألومنيوم مؤكسد برونزي

F | laiton poli verni | 2 mm
polished brass varnish, latón pulido brillante barnizado, ottone lucidato verniciato,
glänzend messing lackiert, 黄銅 アルミポリッシュ,
نحاس ملمع مدهون بورنيش

welded bushing standoff on back of cut aluminum letter with stainless steel threaded screw| lettre© marcal
douille soudée au dos sur demande pour tige filetée M4 (en option)
welded bushing on back on request for M4 threaded rod (optional)
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