tempered glass signage with aluminum clamp | opalescent© marcal
tempered glass signage with aluminum clamp | opalescent© marcal

Opalescent© marcal proposes indoor signage products. The small formats are made up of an anodized aluminum plate and tempered glass that are assembled with the help of an aluminum sign bracket (opa 100). These formats generally designate technical rooms, toilets, offices, meeting rooms, departments or room numbers.

The largest formats (A4, A3, A2 and A1) consist of two tempered glass sheets held by two or four sign clamps (opa 200). The sign standoff exist in various aluminum finishes: polished, brushed natural anodized or micro-sandblasted natural anodized. The types of use of these formats are intended for directional and wayfinding elements, as well as for floor directory located near vertical and horizontal circulations.
Fire prevention information (safety plan, fire evacuation plans, general intervention plans, safety instructions) can also be made with these types of sign supports.
Displays, freestanding signs, projecting signs and full access signs (braille and raised pictogram) complete the Opalescent© marcal signage range.
These signs systems are evolutionary, allowing information updates, frequent in signage, to be carried out by users (paper printing).
The products can be installed by chemical or mechanical fixing.

tempered glass signage with aluminum sign clamps | opalescent© marcal
wall-mounted signpost signage with raised text and braille | opalescent© marcal
room plate with brushed aluminum sign grip | opalescent© marcal
evacuation map made in tempered glass with aluminum sign brackets | opalescent© marcal
evacuation map for fire event made in tempered glass and aluminum stylish standoff brackets | opalescent© marcal
evacuation map and safety regulations in A3 and A4 sizes | opalescent© marcal
office door signage with number and bracket wall-mounted grip | opalescent© marcal
set of evacuation maps, in A1 format, with aluminum standoff sign bracket | opalescent© marcal
room plate made of tempered glass and aluminum sign grip | opalescent© marcal

opalescent | design gérard plénacoste

aluminium | アルミ

verre trempé | tempered glass, vidrio templado, vetro temperato,
gehärtetem glas, 強化ガラス,
زجاج صلب

technical description
The product is made up of the following elements:
A cast aluminum fixing bracket whose visible part represents a 49mm square whose face is slightly convex.
A part that supports functional (modular) information made up of a 4mm tempered glass sheet (polished and chamfered edges) and a 1mm anodized aluminum plate allow the insertion of a sheet of printed polyester paper (laser or inkjet). These two plates are kept in position thanks to the aluminum fixing support.
The finishes of the aluminum fixing bracket are: polished, brushed natural anodized, micro-sandblasted natural anodized.
The assembly is carried out with the help of an Allen key and a 4mm diameter stainless steel HC screw.
The fixing of the support to the wall is mechanical by means of non-visible screwdriving. The screws are made of stainless steel.
In option: 2mm anodized aluminum plates that supports structural information (braille and raised writing)

aluminum wall sign bracket | opalescent© marcal
detail of a signage plate with evolutionary design | opalescent© marcal
assembly of tempered glass and aluminum sign plate | opalescent© marcal
profile detail of a custom content signage plate | opalescent© marcal


A | aluminium: poli miroir,
mirror polished, pulido brillante, lucidato, glänzend poliert,
ألومنيوم ملمع

B | aluminium: brossé anodisé naturel,
natural anodized brushed, anodizado natural cepillado, spazzolato
anodizzato naturale, natur eloxiertes gebürstetes aluminium,
ألومنيوم مصقول

C | aluminium: microbillé anodisé naturel
micro-sand blasted natural anodized, micro-arenado anodizado natural,
anodizzato naturale micro-sabbiato,
mikro-sandgestrahlt naturfarben eloxiert,
ألومنيوم مؤكسد طبيعي مصنفر بالحبيبات الدقيقة>

door plate made in tempered glass with aluminum wall supports| opalescent© marcal
signage made in tempered glass with aluminum sign clamp | opalescent© marcal
information plate made in tempered glass with aluminum sign bracket | opalescent© marcal
formats and sizes of signage plates with evolutionary design | opalescent© marcal
dimensions of free-standing signage supports and aluminum wall sign clamps | opalescent©
tactile toilet doorplate with raised pictogram and braille writing | opalescent© marcal
tactile pictograms with raised and braille writing on signage | opalescent© marcal
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