room plate made of black anodized aluminum and tempered glass | paris© marcal
room plate made of black anodized aluminum and tempered glass | paris© marcal

Paris© marcal offers a complete high-end media for creating style signage projects. The concept consists of a black anodized aluminum profile that receives a volume of tempered glass. These two elements come together and allow the insertion of an information printed on polyester ink-jet or laser paper.

The height of the 170mm profile limits the amount of information to identification typologies, such as pictograms (stairs, lifts, toilets...), technical rooms, door plates, room numbering, location areas... The wayfinding elements such as directional wall-mounted signs can be treated with products of higher dimensions (242V pair - 420mm length) and with 318mm height profiles. For local stair or lift directories, the use of large formats is also preferable.

The information, sometimes numerous, is hierarchical, ordered and graphically processed for the success of the signage project. The horizontal juxtaposition of several products (identical or not) allows the creation of an information area adapted to the nature of the content and the graphic design of the project.

Other references complete the range with projecting signs, information displays and free-standing signage solutions.

The update of the signs contents is easy. When the information evolves, the user can autonomously change the inserts. Smaller signage products are opened by lateral movement of the glass, guided by the profile design, on the contrary, larger products benefit from a front opening to eliminate possible obstacles on the wall (switch, handrail, fire extinguisher, alarm button, decoration, furniture ...).

The use of tempered glass and anodized aluminum offers a high quality, durable and recyclable product.
The products are mechanically installed to the wall using screws, making it possible to move them without damaging the product or the surface. The full access© marcal concept for an accessible signage is also available in Paris ©. The full access© take notice of the guidelines for visibility, readability, comprehension, contrasts, placement height in the ADA and DDA regulations with the insertion of tactile and Braille elements.

directional signpost wall-mounted in a hotel | paris© marcal
door plate sign with tactile number and braille | paris© marcal
high-end wayfinding signage in corridor area | paris© marcal
staff only pictogram on tempered glass signage made of tempered glass and anodized aluminum | paris© marcal
wall-mounted directory sign with inserted location information | paris© marcal
room plate made of tempered glass and black anodized aluminum | paris© marcal

paris | design tecton

aluminium: anodisé noir
black anodized, anodizado negro, anodizzato nero, eloxiert schwarz,
ألومنيوم مؤكسد اسودألومنيوم

verre trempé | tempered glass, vidrio templado, vetro temperato,
gehärtetem glas, 強化ガラス,
زجاج صلب

technical description
The product is made up of the following elements:
A 2,5mm thick sectioned extrusion aluminum profile. The profile has two returns that allow sliding a volume of tempered glass in the case of small formats, and the larger formats allow a front opening. The tempered glass is 6mm thick with two of its upper and lower sides faceted at 45º, with polished and chamfered edges. The upper and lower edges of the glass remain embraced by the returns of the aluminum profile and together form a flat surface that constitutes the facade of the product.
The information is inserted into the product printed on polyester paper.
The locking of the tempered glass inside the aluminum profile is secured by a captive stainless steel HC screw in the profile.
The aluminum profile is anodized in matt black.
Fixing is done using two countersunk head screws.

detail of a door sign plate made of tempered glass | paris© marcal
change of information printed on signage room plate| paris© marcal
sliding tempered glass in black anodized aluminum signage profile | paris© marcal
stainless steel on black aluminum signage plate | paris© marcal
range of directories signs and room location signs for evolutionary signage | paris© marcal
range of display signs, projecting signs, and free-standing signs for evolutionary signage | paris© marcal
women toilet sign with tactile pictogram and braille writing | paris© marcal
full access range sign for ADA and DDA accessibility compliance | paris© marcal
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